Top 15 Games To Make Your Zoom Calls And Facetime Fun!!

Playing games with your friends, colleges and family is fun but seems impossible in this pandemic. Even maintaining the social distancing, we all are connected on face time and zoom calls, but being social is missing surely.

However, you can make your zoom calls and face time really fun with exciting games that would be exciting to practice with your dear ones. We are below listing out the top 15 games that can make your zoom calls and face time more fun and enthralling.

fun games to play on zoom calls and facetime

Top 15 games to play for fun on Zoom or FaceTime!

1. The puzzle game

Games we used to play for fun and rewards were so much fun, which is similar to it. It is a game that is created by 100 points challenge that you can play by dividing two teams. You can play ten rounds of puzzles and a difficult level that is required to be solved by the team for winning over the other one.

2. Guess who is on the head!

It is a creative game, and if you want to enjoy it, you have to be one. The game starts by choosing a celebrity for the selected player. The chosen player is not allowed to see celebrities picked, but they have to guess correctly and try until they guess points get finished.  It is available for android and apple you can get started for fun.

3. Houseparty

Want to start with something simple and swift for enjoying, a house party is an ideal game for you that is available on ios, chrome, android, and mac. It is a fun game to play along with your friends and have fun. You can find it on android as well as ios devices easily. hundreds of people take part in it and make their face time and zoom calls filled with excitement.

4. Jack box and fun

Looking for one on one game; Jack box is the ideal option for you. You can get different packages consisting of bluff card games, drawing and creating games, fill in the blank, trivia, and several others. It can be played on every device so there are no restrictions to entry.

5. Online cook group

If you are a foodie, you will surely love this game, as you can chat while making your favorite dish. You can even learn online or pick a date for your live stream session with a professional chef. it is to learn cooking from professionals to add to your food list when stuck in the pandemic at home and change your routines.

6. Virtual locations tour to harry potter place

Are you a Potter’s head? It would be exciting to have a tour of Scotland’s capital on to footsteps of jk rowling. How about knowing the actual place where Jk Rowling got the inspiration to write awards winning book.

7. Dark game- Cards against humanity

You can play cards against humanity on a zoom call with multiple persons. It is a dark game where participants match ridiculous statements, eventually. It is cringe but fun and free game to play on a zoom call.

8. Just dance

We all miss partying with our friends, but now you can make your zoom call change into your home pub and dance together. It gives you a huge variety of music from Disney to a disco playlist. There is a concept of points that gives a competitive vibe in the gameplay, the winner enjoys the best treat.

9. Psych- the virtual Ellen show

The ellen show is a great show that puts you in excitement when your favourite celeb spills their secrets out. You can describe a game where you make up fake answers to real details and your known ones need to answer. You can enjoy the game with your friends, whom you know well.

10. Outlander online tour of Scotland

Want to get enthralled with the beauty of Scotland without moving an inch from your house? Now, it has become possible with Scotland virtual tour game and does it all on your zoom call with your favourite people. The entry and exit to the game are easier than you think.

11. Karaoke- the ultimate music game

karaoke has always been a party refresher game. There are so many songs present on YouTube from where you can enjoy the ultimate music game. It is a fun game that you can enjoy along with your friends and enjoy nostalgic music.

12. Caribu

Connecting with your family, friends, and kids caribu would be a lot of fun. when talking about the top games of the year caribou has to be one among them. a monthly charge is required to interact with family, kids and friends on this platform and tremendous experience being at home.

13. Fun quiz on zoom

Do you like quizzes? Multiple contestants can take part in the quiz, and it is an online pub quiz; you can get started with it for fun on zoom or face time. It is a beloved game to play over zoom calls. These rounds include general knowledge, music chords; guess the emojis such as films, terms, and much more.

14. Virtual bingo

Traditional bingo is one of the preferred and exciting games that one enjoys but is different from the standard game. You can get started with the various history chaptertv shows, favourite book verses and maybe something different where you can pre-arrange bingo boards where you can cross off words to win the game.

15. Netflix/film/books

Are you a book worm, and your group is too so you can consider discussing the main aspects of the story to get enlightened. Watching a Netflix movie in private would be a lot more fun before the chat and discuss the movie’s main topics to cherish your time with family ad have a better understanding of the theme. You can use tools like random movie generator to pick a movie at random that makes it even more exciting.

These are some of the fantastic games that you can consider playing with your friends, family, kids, and colleges. All of these games are really fun and exciting to get started and enjoy even in the pandemic time.

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