3 Ways to Download Udemy Videos Offline

Download Udemy Videos – If you are wondering how to Download Udemy Videos Offline, then this article is for you. Here we will be presenting 3 simple ways to Download Udemy Videos for offline or even the entire course.

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms. In recent days, none of the other competitors gained such a huge popularity as Udemy. It got immense user base due to its quality content and huge collection of tutorials on various topics. From Programming to professional cooking, from Dance to painting, from Artificial Intelligence to Interview tips, Udemy has got everything for you.

download udemy videos offline

There are lots and lots of free courses available as well on Udemy. You can download Udemy videos right away using some options it provides. So if you are looking for Free courses Download Udemy videos of offline, then you can directly do that by following the below mentioned methods.  

Udemy Features:

  • 80000+ Courses available
  • Udemy has courses spread across 2000 topics
  • Expert instructor’s support
  • Free and Paid courses available
  • Download Udemy Videos offline

Udemy android app is very useful and one of the most popular app in android playstore in learning category. It has got 4.5 rating and 1,000,000+ installations. So if you haven’t installed Udemy Android app yet, here is the playstore link for you.

[appbox googleplay com.udemy.android]

So now, we will start our prime discuss on How to Download Udemy Videos offline.

Download Udemy Videos Offline – Method 1:

In this method, we will let you know how to Download Udemy Videos offline (Only free courses) on Android app.

  • Get Udemy Android App from the above mentioned Playstore link.

  • Search for the free course that you want to download
  • Click on ‘Enroll this course‘ to enroll that particular free course

download udemy videos

  • Then tap on ‘Get started‘ option. If you don’t find this, you can get all the courses you’ve enrolled in ‘My Courses‘ section.
  • Now you can find Download Udemy Videos icon as shown in the image below. Simply click on that.

download udemy videos-1

  • You can either download the particular lecture or the entire course.
  • Once the course is downloaded, you will get a prompt message informing course download has completed.
  • Now you can view this course offline on your android App without internet

Voila! You have just learnt How to Download Udemy videos for free. In the next method we will see how to download udemy videos using python script.

Refer to this Video for step by step process:

There are few drawbacks with this method. This method works only to Download Free Courses on Udemy. For paid courses, download button will not be enabled.

Another disadvantage is you can play these videos only on Udemy Android app. They will be stored in encrypted format in your mobile storage. You can’t play them with other video players. Hence you can’t transfer videos to your PC.

Download Udemy Videos Offline – Method 2:

Update: This method doesn’t seems to be working now. Udemy had done few modifications to their site and udemy-dl python module is no longer working. You can use method 1 &3 to Download Udemy Videos Offline.

If you are geek and wanted to explore programming advantages, then you can go for this method. Hang on, you need to make your hands dirty using this method. We are gonna use one of the most popular scripting language, Python, here.

  • Install Python on your Laptop – Linux OS comes with python inbuilt. For Windows you can follow online tutorials to install it.
  • There is one module available on Python library called udemy-dl to download Udemy Videos. Import that using pip command

pip3 install udemy-dl

  • Now use the following command with course link to download entire course offline

udemy-dl course-link

  • For example, udemy-dl https://www.udemy.com/the-top-5-machine-learning-libraries-in-python/
  • Now it will prompt for username and password. Give those details
  • It will automatically login to your account and downloads the entire course for you.
  • You can find the folder with Course name in Downloads folder.

Using this method, you can download Udemy videos offline on your PC.

Download Udemy Videos Offline – Method 3:

In this method, we are going to download Udemy videos using a chrome plugin called – Video Downloader Professional. Here is the step by step process.

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Add Video Downloader Professional chrome extension to your browser
  • Once it is successfully installed, you can see the icon on your browser as shown in the image.

download udemy videos-2

  • Open Udemy website and navigate to particular course that you want to download
  • Go through each video and click on extension icon
  • It will display Download option to download that udemy video.

So these are the three methods to Download Udemy videos for Offline. There are few other ways you can follow to Download Udemy Videos on your Android or PC. Using IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one best way to Download Udemy Videos. IDM is widely used for downloading movies and other videos from various websites. You can use the same for Downloading Udemy videos as well.

We will update this blog post soon with how to download udemy videos with idm method explained in detail.

Download Udemy Paid Courses for Free:

There are even more ways to Download Udemy Videos for offline using website services that offers paid courses downloadable for free. They offer the entire course videos through a zip file to download. But I highly recommend not to download courses from such platforms as they are not trustful sources and may contain harmful viruses.

Udemy platform runs exceptional offers on every month where you will get every free course at some fixed low amount around $9. You will get live help and tutoring if you purchase any courses on Udemy website. So buy them for reasonable price and don’t miss a change to get live teaching support, platform and community support from Udemy.


These are the 3 simple ways to Download Udemy Videos Offline. Feel free to comment if you are struck somewhere while downloading udemy videos offline. We will be glad to help you!


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