How to Disable Volume Buttons on Android device?

If you are looking for a simple guide to disable volume buttons on Android devices, you are in the right place. In this article, I will let you know how to do button remapping as well.

Any of the buttons are not working on your phone? Skip the worries now. With a simple trick, You can just remap the same functionality to any other buttons. Just disable a button with the glitch, and map to long-pressing or double pressing any other working buttons.

disable volume button android

Disable Volume Buttons with Button Remapping App?

We are going to use an awesome app for disabling volume buttons or any other button mapping on Android devices. Can swap buttons with new functions using a button remapper app.

If you haven’t installed on your Android mobile yet, where is the Play Store link for you –

[appbox googleplay com.irishin.buttonsremapper]

Volume up or down buttons are not working on your mobile? Don’t worry. You can just disable it and map it to any other working button easily. The best part of this app is, You don’t need to root the device to do this.

So without much ado, let’s see how can we disable volume buttons first.

How to Disable Volume Buttons on Android Devices

  • Download and Install Button Remapper app on your Android device. I’ve given the app link above.
  • Once the app is installed, just open it. It will ask for a few permissions. Just allow Accessibility services and other required permissions.
  • Now on the home screen, just tap on the + button and now we have to map the keys with the respective actions.
  • Select the key as VOLUME_UP and choose ‘Do Nothing‘ action for this. Click on the OK button.
  • Now do the same for the VOLUME_DOWN button as well.

Voila! We have just disabled both Volume up and volume down buttons on the android mobile. You can follow the same procedure to disable any of the buttons with this method. Find out all the keys and map them to their corresponding actions. It is that simple.

It is very simple process and shouldn’t take more than a minute for you. If you want to delete these actions, long press on them and choose the delete option.

Disabled Volume Buttons with Button Remapping – Other Features:

Following are the few other things you can do with Button Remapper app:

  • You can set different actions for a combination of keys with this.
  • Map an action to long-press or double click on the key.
  • Disable faulty or glitch buttons like volume, home, or power buttons.
  • How to change screenshot button in Samsung j7: Use button remapper app to change the screenshot button to any other convenient and working key combination for you.
  • Works well with all the android variations and handsets.

Here is the promotional video explaining the same:


Isn’t it a cool thing to map the faulty button to a working one? I have faced the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile. And at that time I didn’t know that we can do this volume button disable and remapping to is key combinations or long-pressing any other working buttons.

If you also having a faulty volume button, you can just disable it and map it to any other key mappings. If you found this article helpful or if you have any other queries, let us know the comment. Cheers!