How to Delete all Mail in Gmail Using Simple Trick

You have open your old gmail after long time? I’m sure it is filled loads and loads of Spam and junk mails. Clearing all these unwanted mails in gmail is huge task. But if you follow these simple tricks, you can Delete all Mail in Gmail in an easy way.

Conventional way we follow to delete all mails in gmail is, select all the mails on one page and delete them. Navigate to second page and delete those mail and so on. This would be pretty difficult if you have your inbox filled with huge number of emails.

delete all mail in gmail at once


How to Delete all Mail in Gmail:

  • Open Gmail signin and Login with your Credentials
  • After you open Gmail account, you will see list of emails
  • To Delete all mail in gmail, click on the checkbox on top left area beside Gmail logo
  • All the 50 conversations on the current page will be selected if you click on that
  • Once 50 conversations are selected, beside to ‘All 50 conversations on this page are selected‘, you will find  ‘Select all 388 conversations in Primary‘ option.

delete all mail in gmail

  • All mail in your inbox are selected now. Just click on Trash icon to delete them

Now you can see this message on your Inbox section –

You don’t have any mail! Our servers are feeling unloved.

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Once you followed all these steps, all your mail will be moved to Trash. They will not be permanently deleted. If you wish to delete them permanently, Follow the below steps.

  • Go to Trash folder
  • You will see ‘Empty Trash now‘ option as shown in the screenshot below
  • Just click on that to delete all mail in trash permanently

delete all mail in gmail trash

How to Delete only Unread Mail in Gmail:

In some cases, you just wanted to delete only unread mails instead of all mail in gmail. In such case, this method will be useful. This way is similar to ‘Delete all mail in Gmail’. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Click on the drop down at the selection box on the top menu bar beside Gmail logo
  • Now you will find options like All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred etc.
  • Choose Unread option to select Unread emails in the current page
  • For selecting all Unread email, search using ‘label:unread‘ as shown in the screenshot
  • Click on ‘Select all conversations that match this search‘ option

delete all unread mail in gmail

  • Now click on Trash icon to delete all the unread mails to delete
  • To delete them permanently, Go to trash and click on Empty trash option.

How to Delete mail from Particular Contact in Gmail:

If you are getting too many spam emails and you want to delete all the mail from that particular Gmail ID, you can follow these simple steps.

  • Go to your gmail account
  • Note down the email id for which you want to delete all emails
  • Now go to search bar and type ‘from: [email protected]
  • It will list down all the mails from that particular mail id

delete all mail in gmail from particular contact

  • Now click on the checkbox to select all the mails
  • Click on Trash icon to delete them

How to Delete all Mail with Label in Gmail:

You can combine label to utilise advanced search options with Gmail. You even combine multiple labels and drill down to the lowest levels possible. For example, if you want to delete all the mails from a particular id in inbox that you’ve already read etc. Follow the below steps to achieve this.

  • Open your gmail account
  • Go to search bar and type ‘label:inbox label:read from:[email protected]

delete all mail in gmail label level

  • This will list down all the read messages in inbox from particular sender
  • Select all by clicking on checkbox and tap in Trash icon

How to Delete all Mail with Attachment and size > 5 MB:

Do you know? You can even do this in gmail. You need to find out all the mails which are having attachments and them filter them with size greater than 5 MB. Let’s check it out how.

  • Open gmail
  • Navigate to search bar and type – ‘has:attachment size:5000000
  • You need to enter the size in bytes

delete all mail in gmail with attachments

  • Once you get the list of emails, simply click on trash icon


There are even more sophisticated search options are available with Gmail:

  1. To list mails from Recipient –  to: [email protected]
  2. Search mails using subject line – subject: ubereats
  3. You can search whether mail has spreadsheet, word doc etc – has:spreadsheet or has:document
  4. To Search mails with YouTube videos embedded – has:youtube
  5. Attachement with file name – filename: sql.pdf
  6. List important or starred mails – is:important or is:starred

Here is the complete list of search options for Google – Gmail advanced search options

Using this guide you can select whatever the mails you want to delete in gmail and move them to trash. If you have accidentally delete any mail in gmail, you can get it back easily by following the below steps

Restore mails from Trash:

  • Go to Trash
  • Select the mail you want to restore
  • Once you have selected the mail, restore option will be enabled on the top menu bar
  • Click on that and your mail will be sent back to inbox/sent items


So this is the complete guide on How to Delete all Mail in Gmail. If you have any queries regarding this or facing any issues deleting emails in gmail, Let us know. We will be glad to help you. Cheers!