Top 12 Dating Websites like Tagged [Best alternatives]

Social networking and relationship platforms are changing the world of relationships in this online dating world. I’m sure you would have heard of many popular apps like Tagged and thought of getting more options with more exciting features. There are many top Tagged alternatives and websites like tagged, and you never have to depend on just one app, whereas life is about trying different things and options. Read the blog until the end because you will be amazed by what you were missing out.

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About Tagged:

Tagged is one of the simplest social networking platforms that help meet like-minded people around you. But what if I tell you there are many websites like tagged that offer great options and a better interface than Tagged?

There is a significant change in communication in the past few years, now dating and making relationships have become a lot easier than it used to be before.

One in ten Americans have used online dating app themselves, and I’m sure you must have heard of someone getting married or dating through similar dating apps.

The online dating culture has improved a lot in the past few years. Entrepreneurs are continually solving all the existing problems users are facing and creating better applications than before.

12 Best Websites like Tagged:

Every human has its DNA, and similar to that, things that I like, you might not. So here I’m going to explain all the Twelve Tagged alternatives so that you could decide what works well for you.

#1 MeetMe

MeetMe is the first website, like Tagged, that helps people find new people with similar interests and have a fun time.

It is a mobile application that lets you network with people living close to you and help you have a chat with them and set up meetings.

Instead of focusing on people who already knew each other, a concept similar to Facebook here in MeetMe, they introduced the idea of meeting the unknown.

You have to give your details and share pictures; if there is someone you saw exciting, you can instantly start a private chat.

#2 Happn

Happn is one of my favourite applications and tagged alternative, that helps users find interesting people around you.

You can find people in café, pub, bus or while being on vacation.

It is super intuitive and user friendly; you can keep the app running in the background, which will notify you all the time when there is someone with Happn passing by you.

You have many options to preference your requirements like you can give the age between 18-28, and it will only notify you when you get a similar match.

It is excellent for college-goers who wants to meet and explore themselves.

#3 Bumble

Bumble is again a fascinating social networking application and one of the best tagged alternatives. They have introduced a lot of new concepts of dating that make the app very engaging to users.

For someone who is bored with applications like Tagged, this can be the best application you can try.

It displays people who are around 10kms range of distance; after two people mutually swipe right each other, they are connected to each other’s hive of connection.

Bumble believes in eliminating the awkwardness you get in other applications and has a system where only girls can start the conversation. If you’re a guy, you have to remember you have no options for starting the conversation first.

#4 Badoo

Badoo is another exciting app like Tagged, that helps people get connected online, it was initially started to connect people, but later it shifted to dating.

Badoo has the option where you can meet and chat with people from around the world. You have to set your priorities, and you will get results depending on the things you are looking for.

The best part about Badoo is its free, and you can easily create an account with Facebook or your email id, and make relationships from around the globe.

Set your best pictures in profile, give some details about you in the about section, and your good to go.

#5 Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating and networking applications and also the best alternative to tagged. Tinder is very famous among teens and college-goers. The tinder process is very similar to we have discussed in bumble, swipe right to the profile if you feel attractive, and swipe left to get more options related to your preferences.

Tinder is a massively used individual meeting application, which gets more than 26 million matches per day. You can enhance your social networking experience by swiping individuals, getting flamboyant matching, and unlimited chatting.

It’s one of the easiest and globally recognized applications that have made so many relationships by now.

# 6 Grindr

Grindr is the world’s largest social networking app for gays, bi, trans, and queer peers. Grindr isn’t the exact alternative for tagged, but the concept is the same as connecting people.

Grindr mainly focused on providing Homosexual and bisexual men to meet each other and connect.

In 2020, meeting like-minded people is not difficult anymore; it doesn’t matter you’re gay or with any other sexuality.

This unique concept of focusing on the LGBTQ community makes the application very interesting and niche-oriented.

#7 OkCupid

OkCupid is another dating application similar to Tinder and Badoo, as discussed above, and a great alternative and website like Tagged.

OkCupid has many features that differentiate itself from the market competition.

One significant difference in OkCupid is that along with your profile information and details, it asks for around 100 questions to know you better and get better results depending on your interests and priorities.

When you start on OkCupid, you can select what kind of sex you’re looking for, and you have an option where you can start as a friendship and meet like-minded people.

#8 Cogxio

Cogxio is a free dating, pub and bar planning, matchmaking, dinner planning, and hangout application for curious singles who want to meet new people similar to tagged websites.

This is an intelligent location-based application that droves you to people depending on the data you provide in the app.

There is no swiping culture in this app, but rather focusses “Hyper Locally” and allows you to meet and communicate with exciting educated people.

Cogxio makes online dating very raw and very simple in real life.

#9 hi5

hi5 is another interesting social dating app that focuses on meeting a new individual for singles. hi5 is the Facebook of the dating world, a lot of concept in hi5 is similar to what you see on Facebook, but this is more into dating culture.

You can set your profile and give details regarding what are your preferences and likings, you will find people depending on those results, and you have the option to send them request similar to Facebook.

The other user can accept, decline, or block the user, and if you get approval, you can continue with chat.

It has the option of playing games in the app while chatting, which makes people talk to each other for a more extended period.

Overall, this is the best alternative and website like Tagged; the features are just incomparable.


SKOUT is the app where you can meet, chat, and get connected with similar taste individuals. And another best alternative or websites like Tagged, where you have a lot more options and features in comparison.

SKOUT helps people find you around your location and get people with the same mindset you are looking for with the preferences and things you set in the application.

Scout has a premium membership that makes networking better for serious individuals and helps you connect better and faster.

You should try SKOUT if you have used Tagged before. I’m sure you would love the application’s user interface.

#11 Chatiw

Chatiw is a unique and exciting application that focuses on meeting new people and connecting with like-minded people.

Chatiw has been made to promote chatting-based relationships; many people are not okay revealing their identity until they have found the right person; for them, this is a great app and one of the best websites similar to the Tagged concept.

Here you don’t need any information, and everything will be anonymous; you have to give necessary details like age, gender, and location, and you are ready to chat with people.

It’s a great app to flirt and open a conversation for people who are a little shy initially and becomes comfortable as they talk to each other. And overall, a great alternative website like Tagged.

#12 Woo

Woo is a dating and matchmaking application and our last recommendations for websites like Tagged. Woo is an exciting mobile app that focusses on educated likeminded people.

This application will help you find exciting individuals who have a similar lifestyle to you and looking for a relationship or love.

Woo has some of the best features that I loved it; that is, it can add tags, which helps you get similar ideology individuals and put away the creep outside.

This overall makes a great experience when you already know the other person is quite similar to how you think.


These twelve applications are the best alternative and website like Tagged that I have personal experience and gave you the review individually.

These apps are safe and have been used by millions of people overall.

Although there are many apps in the category of relationships, these 12 were the best among all features and uniqueness.

The rest is similar to what I have discussed above or nothing interesting, which can let you shift to it, leaving Tagged.