How to Check WiFi Password on Android?

Protecting your wifi with passwords helps in preventing unknown data sharing. But the most common problem with wifi passwords for Android is that we often forget the settled password. And it’d be impossible to pair new devices without the correct wifi password. So, in case you overlooked your password or are not sure about the password, we are there to assist you. From this article learn how to find WiFi password on Android, Importance of wifi password, check password with or without rooting, etc.

check wifi password on android

Why is a strong wifi password needed for your android wifi? 

The main aim behind setting passwords in devices is to block unknown access to files, data, and other related information. By default when you get access to a new phone, you will find wifi passwords on Android devices. Those Android passwords are set by the system often generated in jumble numeric, letters, and symbols. It will be difficult for you to remember those passwords. But the plus point is that you can change those passwords according to your choice.

While choosing a password you should create a strong password, which will contain at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers, and symbols. The reasons behind why you should choose a strong password are-

  • Preventing illegal activities with your phone. 

When you create an easier password, for instance, 1,2,3,4,5 or abcd. It becomes for the hacker to find wifi passwords on Android phones. Many hackers often use unknown devices for continuing illegal activities anonymously. Considering the matter it will risk your phone to too much extent. There you should try to save your android phone with a strong password.

  • It avoids easy access to the files of your phone. 

Often when you don’t have a powerful network wifi password, people can have entry to the local records of the phone. The accessibility is risky for you to an extent that all your private data and files will get open exposure. So, to deter from such a scenario you can ensure your wifi with a powerful password. The second thing you can do to not risk the privacy of your device is by disabling the network file share of your device while your wifi is on.

  • To prevent all the use of bandwidth. 

Thirdly, you should take immediate action to create a strong wifi password on the device because people otherwise can use all your internet. And since your bandwidth is limited, therefore, multiple shared internet users will slow down the speed of the network connectivity.

How to find WiFi Password on Android 10 or above devices?

The associated steps on the issue of how to find wifi passwords on Android phones are easy if you have an android 10 version or higher. You can find the password in the network settings section itself.

  • Step 1. Open your phone settings icon and scroll down to the network settings and internet feature. (Note the option name can vary according to brands).
  • Step 2. In the network settings feature, you will find an option called wifi. Select Wi-fi followed by that choose a network whose password you want to know. When your phone is not connected to the desired wifi connection, then you have to tap on other networks. And in case the wifi is already paired then go to saved networks.
  • Step 3. You will find a gear icon next to the saved networks. thumb on it and then share it.
  • Step 4. Once the verification is already done, then you can find the network password you want just beneath your scanned QR code.

How to find WiFi passwords on Android Pie and other devices?

To find a wifi password on android for 10 or above versions is easier. But without android 10, the process of finding passwords is complicated. Either you have to use third-party apps like a wifi password manager or need to root your phone.

When your phone gets rooted friendly then file explorers like solid explorer assist you in searching the password.

How to root your phone?

Some people remember that they have saved the network passwords and are then unable to find the password. For them to find wifi password on Android becomes manageable with rooting. On one hand, rooting your device will get you access to new possibilities. But on the other hand, it can completely break and destroy the data of your phone system.

  • The safe option before rooting. 

One of the safest ways before rooting your phone is backing up all the needed information, files, and media storage to an alternative device. It will prevent your phone from any serious loss of important documents and erased files. For backing up. For the files, you can use some cloud-based apps, google photos and google backup. Those sills serve you the best.

  • Rooting through third-party apps. 

Those who don’t know much about rooting have always the option of using third-party applications. While installing a third-party application like the Wifi password recovery pro app, will provide you all the necessary steps on how to root your phone while using the app.

  • Rooting with the use of file manager. 

You can find wifi passwords on Android by using the file explorer. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1. From the play store, you have to install a file manager app on the phone.

Step 2. Once you open the application, then you have to visit the data/misc/wifi folder.

Step 3. On your screen when a popup asking for access to the data folder comes, you have to tap yes or agreed.

Step 4. Search in among the folders. Mainly your wifi password will come with the words wifi password as the folder name. From there download the given text file name wpa_supplicant.conf’.

Step 5. With the help of a text editor application, you can view the text file. Within the file, both the network name and the password (PSK ) shall be given.

Without rooting the es file explorer app. 

The es file explorer app is very useful to recover passwords even without the process of rooting. When you download the file explorer app from the play store, it will get the system’s access. So, to recover the password follow the steps:

  • Once downloaded, navigate to the local page section of the app.
  • From the drop-down menu, a function named device helps in driving to the system access.
  • In the system, the folder goes to wifi. There is the wpa_supplicant file. Through text viewer access the file.

Other than these ways you can also find wifi passwords on Android by using router IP access. Access to the router’s IP address is possible with reaching the browser.

Sum up. 

Therefore, as of now, it is clear that to find wifi password on Android is a simple yet complicated process. While many people choose the path of rooting the phone for recovering the forgotten password. But the process of rooting is not safe from numerous possible risks. Therefore, you should use authentic apps while rooting and at some time must back up your data on cloud storages to avoid further inconveniences.

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