How to Check Radiation Level in Mobile?

If you are looking on How to Check Radiation Level in Mobile, then this article is for you. Here we will take you through what is SAR level and how it affects your health and then step by step guide on How to Check SAR value on your mobile phone.

Smartphone became inevitable in our daily life. For many of us, daily routine starts with checking our smartphone for notifications. It became indispensable part. Radiation is a big threat to healthy life if exceeds the threshold level.

how to check radiation level in mobile

Radiation levels released from smartphones are measured in SAR value which abbreviates to Specific Absorption Rate. SAR value indicates the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by our body tissues while using the mobile phone. If your smartphone is having higher SAR value, then it means it will have adverse affect on your health.

Federal Communications Commission(FCC) has set certain threshold value on amount of SAR value. If your mobile phones exceeds that value, then it is not good for your health. It releases radiation that will have bad impact on tissue cells.

What is the Threshold SAR Value set by FCC:

It varies from region to region. European Union including UK adopts the threshold SAR values as 2.0 W/Kg for 10 grams of body tissue whereas USA and remaining countries set SAR threshold value as 1.6 W/Kg for 1 gram tissue.

EU and UK – 2.0 W/Kg

USA and Rest of the Countries – 1.6 W/Kg

All the mobile phone manufacturers in these regions should comply with these limitations on amount of radiation it emits.

Here is the list of all mobile phones and its corresponding SAR value:

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Samsung Galaxy mobiles and few of the HTC and LG variants reportedly recorded low SAR values compared to other mobile phones available currently in the market.

Here we will take you through 2 simple ways how you can check radiation level (SAR) value in your mobile phone.

How to Check Radiation Level in Mobile? – Using Settings:

Every mobile phone will have a section where every user can check the SAR value associated with that mobile. If you bought a new mobile, then you can even get the SAR value using the user manual you’ll get along with the handset.

To check radiation level in mobile phone using settings option

  • Go to Settings in your smartphone
  • click on About Phone option at the end or for some mobile, you’ll find it at the beginning of settings.
  • Now choose ‘Legal Information‘ where you’ll get list of all legal license details, terms and conditions, privacy policy details.
  • Select ‘RF Exposure Information‘ option to get the SAR value of your phone and other precautionary guidelines you have to follow.

How to Check Radiation Level in Mobile? – Using USSD Code:

USSD, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a global system for communication between your mobile phone and telecom server network. Using USSD codes, you can communicate with the application program in the network and get the required information.

We are using these USSD codes extensively for checking the balance, status of the offers etc. You can even get mobile radiation (SAR) value using USSD code. Just follow the below steps to get to Check Radiation Level in Mobile using USSD code.

  • Open the Dialer pad on your mobile
  • Enter USSD code *#07# and dial
  • Prompt window will display the SAR value information as shown in the screenshot below.

how to check radiation level in mobile phones

This method is easy to follow and you will get accurate radiation information of your smartphone. If you have SAR value more than threshold, it is better to change the mobile phone immediately.

Mobile radiation may not show its adverse affects instantly but it will ruin your health in long run. There are even chances of getting Cancer if you are exposed to high mobile radiation for long duration. Here are few precautionary steps you need to follow in-order to reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

Precautions for reducing Radiation Level:

  • It is better to use wireless headset or headphones with low power bluetooth emitter when you are on call.
  • For Children and pregnant women, it is better to keep the call duration short
  • Recommended to use text or SMS service than voice call.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone if the signal strength is weak. Your mobile phone emits maximum radiation if signal strength is not good. Move to places where you’ll get good signal.
  • For people with active medical issues, it is recommended to place mobile phone at least 15 cm away from the body.
  • Do not keep your phone near to you while having sleep. You can enable Aeroplane mode while sleeping.

Here is how you can schedule automatic aeroplane mode while on sleep – How to schedule Do not Disturb Mode in Android.


So this is the precise article on How to check radiation level in mobile phones also known as SAR value. Please do check Your Mobile Phone Radiation and Comments here. It will be helpful for others who wanted to buy that handset. If your mobile phone is having high SAR value than 1.6 W/Kg, better to replace it with low SAR value mobile phones.

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