How To Cancel AT&T U-Verse Service [Quick Steps]

Do you want to cancel your U-verse plan with AT&T? In this blog, I will share everything you would like to know about how you can cancel U-verse service with AT&T and everything about the AT&T Uverse cancellation fees and procedures.

AT&T U-Verse service started as a triple play communication service and now it solely referred to IPTV services. It’s been there for more than 15 years serving in almost 48 states in the US. The services include broadband, IP telephone, and IPTV service. U-verse TV, an IPTV solution from ATT was Rebranded to DirecTV Stream.

cancel att uverse service

The reason behind canceling the AT&T plan can be anything. Maybe you may not be getting the internet speed you have been promised, or perhaps you might have found another provider with better plans, or there can be other problems with Uverse. I know it’s difficult for most of them to understand how not to pay the AT&T cancellation fee and still cancel your plan with AT&T.

Keep reading the guide until the end. I’m sure you would understand and get an answer to all of your questions regarding the cancellation of the U verse plan with AT&T. 

How to Cancel AT&T UVerse service:

Cancellation of ATT U-verse service is a process that cannot be taken place online; for this, you have to contact the customer support of AT&T and following through with the steps provided to you on a phone call. The number for customer representative if you want to cancel your membership or AT&T cancel service number is 800-288-2020.

Nobody wants to lose their customers. If you want to cancel the att uverse service, you should prepare yourself for a bunch of offers being offered to you from the company representative to continue with the membership.

If you like the discounts and offers given to you, you can always continue, but if you still don’t want to continue, tell no to all such promotional offers. They will get to know about your idea and proceed forward with the other cancellation Procedures.

While you are contacting for U-verse cancellation, you would need all the details regarding your account details, including your account number. They will also ask about your plan details for verification, which you will find on top of your U-verse Bill of last month. And make sure you are ready with all the details which the AT&T representative wants to ask for.

Be ready for deal Sweeteners.

Of course, they want to keep the deal and don’t want you to cancel the plan, so be prepared for the cliché sales pitches coming towards you. Therefore, you would get a lot of promotional offers and some deals regarding a new U Verse contract that lasts for more than a year, and if you don’t want those offers, you have to reject all those offers and continue with cancellation.

Regarding a new contract, you have to remember that cancellation after the 14 days trial period, in a deal would cost you additional fees, so you should decide if you want to continue and respond according to that.

AT&T Uverse Cancellation Fee

Suppose you have confirmed a year or more than a year of assurance with the membership of the AT&T U verse. You will get 14 days to cancel the Subscription, and if you cancel in that period, you won’t be charged with an early termination fee.

And if you cancel after 14 days, you will be charged 325$ minus 10$ of every month assurance you have opted for or 150$ minus 4$ of every month service assurance that you complete.

Pay all the debt with AT&T.

If you owe money to AT&T, you won’t be able to cancel the services. This owning money can be the Early termination fee (ETF), which I mentioned above, or the monthly bill to pay for the services. Make sure you clear all this money before calling the AT&T representative, or else you may apply an additional fee for late payments or further charges against everything. 

Terms for additional cancellation fees.

  • You may have penalties and additional fees if you joined through promotion and cancel before the end of your cancel commitment.
  • The cancellation requested on holiday will be handled on the next regular business days.
  • If you have an AT&T email account, you need to wait 30 to 60 days after the cancellation of the service to delete the email account.

You have the options like setting up other kinds of payment plans if you cannot afford the price, talking to them about the same issue would give you other options.

Returning the AT&T U-verse Equipment.

As you cancel your Subscription with AT&T, you will get a mail regarding verification of the cancellation, along with that they will ask you to return all the U Verse Equipment they have provided you like, the Router and DVR. 

In the mail, they will explain which product has to be shipped, how it has to ship, and where to mail the Equipment at, and when is its due date. And the only reason AT&T asks you to return all their products is that the time you take the membership, they give it to you on rent.

And because you don’t own the products, they want it in a new condition without any physical damage or problems.

So, these are some of the things you have to take care of while you’re returning the AT&T equipment.

  • The items should be in a new condition without any physical damage or watermarks.
  • It should be returned in its original packaging.
  • You should include all the original documents and receipts, and components like the charger, the battery should be original.
  • If you have a damaged component, they may not accept the shipment.

Cancel ATT UVerse Service – Conclusion:

Finally, if I have to conclude, there is no other way of cancellation of Uverse service without calling the AT&T representative, you have to avoid all the Offers and perks offered by them and cancel your Subscription.

Although it’s not that difficult, the only thing important in the process is that you should be aware of the steps you have to go with, and being prepared can make the whole process very simple.

Once you have canceled, you are open to get some other connection or get yourself the deal you feel is better.