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If you are looking for the best alternatives for CafePress, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we’ll guide you through the details of cafepress and websites like CafePress.

Designing is an art done by many individuals. May it be graphical, or fashion, or in any field. But besides designing, the most crucial factor that stands tall is how they show their work to the public. Because most of the designers who are not capable of opening their merchandise struggle with their talents. For those reasons, several companies started to step in into online marketing by selling designs of several artists. One such company that we will discuss now is Cafepress.

What is Cafepress?

They aim to deliver the world with millions of designs by several designers seeking opportunities to express themselves.

Their websites deal in delivering those designs on hundreds of products that range from fabrics to decorative items. They generally keep on growing with added designs regularly. Cafepress takes in designs from artists, fan pages, shops, and several other areas.

cafepress alternatives

If you are a designer, then this website is ready to help you with your talent. You can directly communicate with their customer support.

CafePress Alternatives:

Now, let’s discuss some of the other websites like CafePress.


Zazzle is the USA based company that deals in online retailing of its products from the website. In this website, designers can showcase their designs through several other independent manufacturers’ products. They mostly deal with products like clothing, posters, etc. Zazzle has also tied up with many brands. Zazzle has a list of over 300 million designed products on their website.

Get’s clothing items with digitally printed or embroidered designs.

2. Threadless

Threadless is an online website founded in 2000 by Jake Nickell, Jacob DeHart. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. It is a community of online artists and deals in the e-selling of their products.

They mostly sell designed products like t-shirts (mainly), phone covers, shoes, bags, etc.

They are very picky about their designs. They create polls for 1000 designs registered every week, and after a week’s gap, their staff picks the top 10 designs based on public poll results. Then they use the final 10 designs on different products.

Threadless has created a forum that includes artist stores like CafePress, tips and tricks, arts and designs, and projects. They have also partnered with big companies like The Simpsons to sell official merchandise on their site.

3. Design By Humans

2007 launched an online website design by humans is mostly known for its motto to unite everyone together.

They dream of connecting different creators worldwide by creating wearable or usable arts that define their stories to inspire others. This website helps several artists, gamers, musicians, YouTubers to create their brand with unique merchandise and accessories like phone covers, backpack, wall prints, etc.

To print your brand’s unique merchandise, simply upload designs on the platform, and connect to them.

4. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is a private online retailing company that kicked start in May 2002. This is a German print-on-demand company that prints customized or designed clothes and accessories. It also has branches in Europe and North America. They provide full package services on printing that includes screen printing, digital printing, flock printing, flex printing, digital transfer, vinyl printing, and thermal sublimation.

They allow their customers to check out the products available on their site and create customized designs on several products like t-shirts, caps, mobile cases, etc. Along with all the above features, vendors can start their shops.

5. Custom Ink

Three former college mates decided to start some business in 1999. They launched an online retail company and one of CafePress alternatives, that deals in custom-designed clothes like clothes, sweatshirts, etc.

They use various techniques to design their products like screen printing, design printing, and embroidery.

They also print products on demand by their clients as well.

Custom Ink was ranked 1 among 20 retailers in 2014 by Fortune and Great Place To Work.

6. Red bubble

The red bubble, a renowned online retailing company in Melbourne, Australia, was founded in 2006.

This site gives artists their freedom to sell their creations independently. Till now, over 7 lakh artists have joined in the red bubble to deliver their most precious talent.

Get anything of your choice, with a vast range of products in their basket, starting from an embroidered shirt, printed tees to excellent looking phone back case.

Artists’ hard work and talent have increased the fan following of this beautiful website.

This website works in this manner: The artists upload the design, customers choose any method of their choice to be printed, and the artist gets paid to select his/her design.

7. Teespring

Teespring was founded in 2011 by two individuals, Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton. This is a great e-commerce platform that provides opportunities for talented individuals to create and sell self-designed clothes.

The creators are responsible for designing and selling products by themselves by creating campaigns.

Teespring role here is to ship their products as well as provide customer support to the buyers.

They mainly produce apparel like customized t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, the child wears, and many more.

8. Teepublic

It is a branch of a more developed online website, redbubble. In 2013, Abramson and Schwartz launched an online retailing crowdsourcing site.

This site allowed artists to create and sell their designs. This website’s motive was to support different designers by providing them with a platform, shipping facilities, and customer services.

Firstly, they dealt with only apparel, but with time they expanded their product categories to phone cases, mugs, canvas print, etc. Some stats showed that in 2016, teepublic shipped over one million products.

9. Sunfrog

This website is mostly known for its custom-designed t-shirts. It’s a massive market for online buyers as this website provides its customers with a vast number of custom-designed products like t-shirts, apparel, phone cases, etc.

It is an excellent platform for artists as well, as they get a chance to deliver their talents. They have artists from several countries all over the world.

Sunfrog delivers over 200 countries worldwide.

Not just a cafe press but there are a lot of websites other than it which are well known for its services. You can check out each of their features and how they provide their service.

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