Top 7 Best Warehouse Inventory Management Software

A stock or store of goods is defined as an inventory, and the goods are stored in warehouses. With increasing demand and supply in the market, the job of managing warehouse inventory, tracking the invoice generator has become tougher day by day. With changing technologies comes new software easing the pain of managing the inventories. 

An inventory management software maintains, records and calculates the figures associated with the quantity and quality of the inventories. With increasing competition in the market comes many improvised and intelligent warehouse inventory management software.


Top 7 Inventory Management Software

Here is the list mentioning the best warehouse inventory management software that might be beneficial for your business. So without much ado, let’s check out each one in detail with their features of Inventory management.

1. EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory is one of the leading web-based asset tracking software. It gives low stock alerts and also ensures that the transfer of stocks is done easily across sites. 

With this software, you can take mass action with any item at any time from any location. It works on Android, iOS, Windows App, and comes with barcode and QR code scanning facilities. Each scan asset reveals its geo-location, IP address and other details. It tracks purchase orders and automatically updates items linked to them. 

The software also classifies assets into groups and sub-groups. It enables the user to track depreciation and run reports; lowering overheads and seeking out improvements.

2. Oracle NetSuite

It is India’s award-winning inventory software. It gives insights to real-time, detailed visibility into key visibility control and supply chain management measures. It also includes inventory, ordered stocks and performance of the supplier. 

Oracle NetSuite saves any distribution of countless hours of work with the help of data entry, organization, and fulfillment. The software helps to convert orders into shipments and shipments into revenue. 

NetSuite helps to streamline from paper-based purchasing to lower costs and gain higher control of automatic purchasing. It cuts off IT costs and concerns associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications.

3. Zoho Inventory

From managing multiple inventories to transferring stocks between them and generating reports, Zoho Inventory provides a more in-depth insight into better management of warehouses. 

The software allows you to add multiple warehouses and also control the actual flow of stock between the store and warehouses situated at different locations.

One only needs to select the warehouse closest to the customer’s location while creating the sales order. This way it cuts down on the transportation costs and makes way for faster delivery. 

The software also enables you to keep track of the movement of each item with the help of batch or serial numbers. This is done while transferring items from one warehouse to another. 

Zoho Inventory also manages the volume of items that are shipped in and out from each warehouse, hence throwing more light on each item’s purchase and sales trends.

4. UpKeep

UpKeep’s inventory management software is rated India’s No. 1 first mobile maintenance and asset management solution for warehouse management. From desktop to smartphone and tablet, UpKeep is accessible from anywhere at any time. It helps you to assign the minimum quantity value to every part and notifies you when that particular value is reached. When a certain part is used for a work order and that particular order is closed, then the inventory count is automatically updated.

5. Fishbowl

Being one of the best selling warehouse inventory management software in the market, Fishbowl can be a powerful asset tracking solution for your business. It helps you to create purchase and sales orders and reorders. It has the ability to convert multi-currencies to keep accurate and updated accounting records. It also comes with an auto-export feature that allows you to export your reports as excel files, including CSV format, on a daily basis. 

It easily provides you with access to QuickBooks to facilitate bar-coding. It gives a detailed level of monitoring with real-time data updates and can even track inventories from multiple locations of the warehouse.

6. DEAR Systems

This software simplifies the wholesale level of product management. It creates product families containing a variation of the same products, each with a unique, auto-generated SKU. With DEAR Systems, managing product lines have become simpler with its efficient ERP solutions. Without losing track, the software helps you to grow your business along with multiple locations. It ensures that the users are able to take control of the inventory, regardless of its location.

 It helps manage multi-warehouse that lets you carry on with your trading and manufacturing operations with ease. The software saves the manual efforts of the user by automatically creating the required product data, including photos and descriptions. With the help of barcode scanning, the system will automatically select the correct entry of the stock, thus reducing your time and eliminating human errors.

7. Latitude WMS

This is an all-inclusive inventory management software that comes with advanced features to provide assistance with your warehouse management. Latitude WMS provides all the necessary features that help to bring efficiency in warehouse processing. From counting cycles to drawing out the performance, it aims at bringing simplicity within the business by providing intuitive solutions.

It comes with an incident tracking feature that helps the users to manage and monitor the lists of issues associated with the warehouse. Such issues include discrepancies, cycle count inaccuracies, incorrect shipments, vendor or customer problems, inventory errors and the like. The cycle counting helps you in obtaining accurate results. 

Latitude WMS even automates the warehouse processes, including features like receiving, picking as well as putting away your orders. It gives real-time control over the inventory and the operations in warehouse distribution branches.

We are concluding this blog post on Best inventory management software. If you have any queries regarding the same, let us know through comments. Cheers!

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