20 Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online [No Download, HD]

The way our life is going; at this point, we are pretty much at the brink of boredom and monotony. Our only escape from this boredom? Well, there is social media, and often we watch movies on TV. Talking about movies, there is a vast array of films that we can watch, especially Hindi movies. For every kind of viewer, there is some movie or another available. Today, let us talk about a few sites where we can watch Hindi movies online without downloading high-quality videos.

best sites to watch hindi movies online

Top 20 Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online Without Downloading – 2020:

1. GoFlims4u

GoFilms4u is a website where you can watch several Bollywood movies without even having to sign up. All you need to do is access the website link through the search engine of your choice. Open the tab and search for the film you want to watch, and load that film to stream it. The selection you have is vast, and all that you have to spend is your internet to watch the movies. The site is overall excellent with just a few advertisements here and there that might come as an obstacle. The website is still very unique if you have no subscription but want to watch a movie.

2. YoMovies

Yomovies is a tremendous and legitimate website to watch Hindi movies on for free. You can also watch Hindi dubbed versions of English movies on the website and other South Indian movies. The site is entirely free and does not require one to log in or anything at all. You just have to access the site from your favorite search engine, check the movies available or search. You can then pick a movie or play the film you have in mind and stream for free. You do not have to download movies to watch them. You can simply play and watch.

3. Fmovies

Fmovies is a place for you if you want diverse kinds of movies in one place. The website has one of the most extensive collections of movies you can find anywhere, limiting to Hindi movies. You can find almost every movie and shows here, and many Hindi dubbed movies and shows are available. Like the usual process, this website does not demand a sign-up either. You can simply go to the page and start watching from the browser itself without a hassle. There will be a few ads and a few redirected pages, but that does not mean the movie quality is terrible.

4. Zee5

As the list progresses, we find a known name, Zee5 is a sub-branch of the Zee media company. Zee5 is the online platform available on an application, and as a website, it is easy to access and use. You can watch an array of famous Hindi movies, both old and new, on the website. You can additionally watch movies of another tongue dubbed in Hindi as well. The website is free, but you may have to log in with your email id and create a profile. Creating a profile on this website is ideally not a problem, given that it is a renowned and safe company’s product.

5. BigFlix

BigFlix is an excellent website that has legal access to a lot of Hindi movies. So when you are watching a Hindi movie on BigFlix, stay assured that it is a non-pirated, legal version. The website is entirely free to use, and apart from Hindi movies, the site streams a lot of regional languages. Hindi, Bengali, Malayali, Tamil, and many other language movies are available on the platform. You can also watch Hindi dubbed movies of a foreign tongue. Thus, this is an excellent website for movie junkies!

6. Watchmoviesfree

The name says it all; this website allows you to watch movies for free on it, all the movies are free. You have to access the website from your choice of search engine and access the website. Then you have to type the name of your favorite movie, and you are all set. All you have to do now is stream the movie and play it for you to enjoy. The site does not ask you to sign up or create a profile; you can simply go to the page and play a film. The website design is pretty cool, too, and it is enjoyable to use.

7. Jio Cinema

Jio is a name we often hear, but we can also use Jio Cinema to watch our favorite films. All one has to do is access a Jio sim card and open an account from it. The website is primarily free, and you can stream a movie that matches your taste. There are movies available in other languages than Hindi as well, and that includes English movies. All you need is a Jio sim connection and steady internet, and you are good to go!

8. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is a great website for the Indian audience who likes to watch mainstream Hindi movies. The first thing one might notice about this website is its sleek and sophisticated website design with a dark color combination. The website holds thousands of Hindi films from every genre, theme, and generation. The website also has legitimately translated subtitles that convey the dialogues properly. The website is an excellent option for when you are bored and want to watch a good movie or two.

9. YouTube

We popularly know YouTube to be a platform for independent content creators. We usually watch videos of the same, but we really can watch movies on YouTube as well. More often than not, a pirated version of film is available on YouTube that one can watch. They just need to do a thorough search, and the result will yield a positive outcome. You can then stream the movie of your choice with bare minimum interruptions and smooth functionality.

10. Airtel Xtream

Airtel Xtream is a new addition to the services that Airtel has included. We previously had Wynk music for our perusal, and now we also have this website for our movie and show needs. The Airtel Xtream is a website that allows you to stream a thousand and more movies for free and online. Your only requirement is an Airtel number that you can open your account with, which will do for you. The interface is smooth, and one can watch many movies online without an issue.

11. Spuul

Spuul is an excellent website with several movies up in its alley that is entirely free to watch. The website does not require its users to sign up; just accessing the website is good enough. The interface is unimaginably smooth and user-friendly; using the website to stream movies is not a problem. The website holds an array of serials and series in Hindi as well for the viewers to binge upon. It is an excellent website if you want to check out a good collection of movies and shows in Hindi.

12. Hungama

All of us have heard about Hungama at one point in our lives or another. The largest entertainment website that is free is Hungama, with a great collection of content. Hungama also allows people to watch Hindi movies for free on the website itself. The open period lasts for 30 days, and then one has to pay to watch certain movies and series. The website also has many shows, music, and dialogue collection to check out if you’re bored with movies.

13. Hotstar

All of us knew about Hotstar since the day it launched, and we often hear about it or see advertisements. Hotstar is a website and application launched by the Star franchise of channels. This website has an array of movies and shows that are shown on TV channels by Star. The website has many foreign films as well, of which some are dubbed for the audience. One needs to sign up with their email address to make a profile. To watch ad-free and all the content available, one needs to make a subscription. There is a lot of sports and other language content as well, especially it is one of the best sites to watch Telugu movies online.

14. HiiuDudeMV

HiiuDudeMV is as cool a website as the name describes it to be, with a tonne of movies making a great collection. The website is fantastic, for it does not need to be signed up to watch the best Hindi movies around. The website also updates itself regularly with the latest movies that are available. Many movies that are not initially Hindi are dubbed and uploaded as well. The streaming experience is smooth, and the video quality does not usually pixelate. The HiiuDudeMV website is for you if you like to stream in the best quality.

15. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a well-renowned streaming site and application which is used by the masses. We know that Amazon needs a subscription to be used, but did you know that you get a free trial at the beginning for a month? Yes, that is precisely why Amazon Prime is on the list. The company does not charge a penny before that one month, and you can watch your favorite in the period. Amazon is a trustworthy company, so signing up will not lead to a leak of personal information. The website is easy to use and highly recommended.

16. Voot

Voot is a vast streaming platform that streams almost all top movies that exist in the industry. The platform is very famous among youth and elderly alike and has something to offer for every audience. The site also has a fantastic interface and is very easy to use, along with that the streaming quality is genuinely appealing. The site has many other shows and movies in different tongues that one can watch with subtitles. The site is very versatile, and it is meant for you if you like to watch movies with the family.

17. HDFriday

HDFriday is one of the best channels to watch Indian Cinema in. The website holds an array of Hindi movies. Old or new, comedy or tragedy, family drama, or friend’s feud, are available on this website. People of every age group will find something for them in all genres. The best part is that this website does not drain out a lot of internet. You can stream great quality HD videos without hurting a big chunk of your daily data allowance. This is a great website for all and comes highly recommended by users.

18. YuppFlix

YuppFlix is undoubtedly one of the best websites seen by us, and in every aspect, it is beautiful. You can watch movies and reality shows in the Hindi language and many other languages as well. The website allows you to filter out what you want to watch based on the movie’s genre and era. The interface is extremely smooth and easy to use for anyone. Finally, the collection is diverse, and you can find something for all your moods. The website has a 14-day free trial, and that should be enough for you to watch a lot of movies.

19. HindiLinks4u

HindiLinks4u is an excellent website to stream unlimited Hindi and Hindi dubbed movies for free. You do not have to sign up at all, but simply access the website and start watching. The streaming quality is excellent, and the movie quality can go as high as 4k HD. The website looks appealing and is extremely easy to use. You have to search for a movie and play it; if you don’t have a movie in mind, you can browse and find it. The filtering is based on genre and language, which is convenient and straightforward.

20. Netflix

The very last website that we end this list with is the most popular among all. Netflix is one of the best and internationally used streaming platforms. The best part about Netflix is its original films and shows, and there are no advertisements to interrupt your viewing. The subscription bit is like every other website that needs a subscription. The website offers you a 30-day free trial and allows you to watch everything free till then. After that, there are monthly fees involved.

Hope we are able to help you with the best sites to watch high-quality Hindi or Bollywood movies online for free and without downloading. There are many more best OTT apps emerging to feed the best content to all the movie buffs. Follow this space and we will be updating the list of best websites to watch Hindi movies on regular basis. Cheers!!

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