3 Most Convenient Graphic Design Apps for Android Users

Whether you’re an aspiring social media influencer, a professional graphic artist, or a mere hobbyist who enjoys creating art, there is always this urgent need to have your tools ready whenever inspiration hits you. Luckily, at this day and age, there is also a constant effort for people to be on their phones. Now, whenever inspiration strikes, all you have to do is take out your phone and put your imagination to work.

Another advantage of having your tools installed right on your phone is that you can upload your creations as soon as you’re done with them. With the number of social media influencers or professional graphic artists people can find online, it is important to regularly post new content in order to gain more followers or customers. 

But, with the wide range of graphic design apps available for android users, how exactly can you tell which app would best fit your needs? To help you reach a decision, we have narrowed your choices down to three. In this article, we will be discussing the features of each app in hopes of helping you choose one that would best cater to your requirements.

Top 3 Best Graphic Design Apps for Android:

1. Canva

canva - best image creation tool

Using Canva is as simple as one, two, and three! That’s right! In just three easy steps, any Canva user can create a design, edit photos, and share it! 

Having been available online as early as 2012, Canva has now decided to transition to Android. This shift allows users to work on their designs from anywhere in the world. With an interface that is closely similar to its desktop version, Canva for Android saves longtime users the trouble of having to familiarize themselves with the interface. And to help those who are new to the app itself, Canva comes with a drag and drop tool that makes it easy for any first-time user to come up with their own unique designs. What’s more, Canva offers a selection of fonts, templates, and photos so any user can create whatever they desire.

2. Infinite Design

best graphic design apps for android

Are you a loyal user of Adobe’s products but just want to check out other apps and see what they can offer? Well, say no more. Infinite Design is the perfect app for you! 

People often refer to Infinite Design as a substitute for the Adobe Illustrator Draw. Allowing users to try out various ideas with infinite layers and editing options, Infinite Design allows users to use 3D design tools while creating vector graphics. What’s more, Infinite Design’s unlimited undo and redo features allow users to freely experiment with their designs. 

3. Desygner

graphics designer tool

Picture this: you are enjoying a day at the beach when your client suddenly reminds you about that poster you forgot to send. Instead of hurriedly packing up and heading back to work, you take out your android phone and quickly work on the design. As soon as you’re done, you immediately send it to your client and you resume your relaxing day. Is this possible, you ask? Well, we’re here to tell you that the Desygner app has made it possible. 

Allowing users to choose from a selection of free professional images, Desygner is perfect for graphic designers who prefer to work while enjoying the comfort of the outdoors. 

Whatever your desired output may be, these three apps can turn any android user into an amazing graphic designer whenever they want, wherever they want! It is now only a matter of choosing which of these three apps would best suit their style and would best cater to their needs. With this, we are concluding on this blog post of Best Graphic Design Apps for Android platform. Have fun choosing!

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