10 Best Apps to Make you Look Skinny [Updated]

Good body shape is not only attractive but also a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. Having a perfect body is an instinct; thus, millions of people struggle hard to get a perfect athletic body. Unfortunately, it comes with its own difficulties to slim yourself. However, there are some good apps to make you look skinny.

apps to make you look skinny

Do you wish to have a slim body or change something about your body in the virtual world? You can use apps to make you look slimmer and get the body shape you craved for. Here is the list of top 10 apps to make you look skinny.

Top 10 Apps to Make you Look Skinny:

There are a lot of android and iOS apps available on the play store and app store to edit photos to make you look thinner. But choosing the right and perfect one with all the features is a tedious task. That’s why here we are going to present you with the most popular apps that make you look skinny in your photos.

1. Retouch Me

skinny look apps

The camera makes you look thicker than you are. This is probably the most crucial reason why most of you don’t like to click pictures. RetouchMe helps you get a perfect picture with smooth skins, fuller lips, enlarged breasts, flat tummy, and slim and skinny body and face.

It is the best app for a virtual makeover that adds eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow, blusher, etc. to beautify the images. RetouchMe corrects and slims your body to the highest possible level.

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2. Perfect Me

Perfect Me - Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune

PerfectMe gives you a fantastic chance to slim any body parts in your pictures that you didn’t like. This app makes your waist look thinner to make your bikini look amazing. PerfectMe provides you the feature to elongate your legs, add tattoos, beautify your skin, and liquefy your face. Also, the skin painting feature helps you to correct the skin tone and adjust all facial features.

PerfectMe doesn’t need any additional programs to remove filters if you don’t want it. Also, you can add stickers, crowns, dresses, replace the background and blur any parts using Perfect Me.

[appbox googleplay com.accordion.perfectme]

3. Body Tune

best apps for body tuning

Do you want to look skinny or have a new type of figure every day? Though it is challenging, with Body Tune, everything becomes more manageable. It is a powerful app to make you look skinny and slim. You do not have to spend hours editing; Body Tune helps you increase, decrease, or emphasize any part of your body easily.

This photo editing app to make you look skinny provides a feature to enhance your body and hip curve, waist, and thigh slimming, flat stomachs. With 100+ pre-set muscle designs like muscle mass, six-pack abs, and more massive biceps and chest muscles, make it the perfect muscle editor app. You can even add any tattoo designs from their rich collection of tattoo stickers.

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4. Spring

apps to make you look skinny for android

Each day most of you are promising to lose weight. Spring is quite different from many other photo editing apps. Every audience likes this app because it helps you look skinny in a very natural way without any significant manipulations. Since the edits are not much detailed, it is impossible to identify any edits.

Even in a group photo, if you want to slim yourself or your neck and head, you can easily do that. Spring lets you manually choose the areas of edits instead of inappropriate auto-face transformation.

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5. Body editor

apps for slimmer look

Today’s generation is always stressing about how to get a perfect slim trim picture. Body editor provides you with enormous tools to shape your body.

This app comes with features like a six-pack editor, collage maker, breast enlarger, tattoo stickers, height correction, teeth whitener, etc.

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6. Body plastic surgery

best apps for making you look skinny

Body plastic surgery is an easy and powerful photo editor app for lazy people. You just have to move the red line guide in a particular area to get it edited.

Plastic body surgery provides three types of medicines like height and weight alterations, partial template alterations, and touch editor. Sometimes auto edits make your image look weird and unnatural. So layering and shades help to add effects only to particular areas to make them look more natural.

[appbox googleplay com.ster.photo.surgery]

7. BodyApp

photo editing app to make you look skinny

Body app can make you look skinny like a Greek goddess in pictures without much hard work. This photo editing app is a help to both men and women. Body app increases waistline, butts, and busts and reduces the bulky areas like things, stomach and arms to make them look long and beautiful. BodyApp also adds muscles, abs, and beards to your images.

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8. Best body shape

apps for editing to look skinny

Do you want to get perfect edited images? Now make everyone jealous with your best image-edited results. Best body shape quickly fixes your selfies or pictures to give you the ideal image. This app makes you look slimmer by giving you a tight figure, slim physique, enlarged buttocks, enlarged breasts, and a fantastic vibe.

Best body shape enlarges, compresses, brushes, and drags, and drops in a swift touch, with its photo editing app’s help to make you look skinny and become the ruler of the best body shapes.

[appbox googleplay com.coolapps.bestbodyshape]

9. Shaper

app to make you look slimmer

Picture editing and photoshops are hugely criticized. At the same time, thousands of people are not satisfied with their bodies. Shaper is an automatic full-body retouch app that makes your body look proportional with the help of few AI-based tools.

Shaper provides features like face beauty to smoothen and tone your face. It adds photo effects like stylish filters, stickers, background blur, or replacement. The benefits provided by the shaper make your images elegant and different from the rest.

[appbox googleplay com.dsrtech.bodyshaper]

10. Trim slim tall

Trim slim tall will make you look perfect from top to bottom in any picture you want. Broadly the app provides three features

The editing tool helps you to enlarge your height, so your entire body looks slimmer. You can also change the shape of any part of your body separately or as a whole. The second section, Feature, helps you edit the features and shapes of your eyes, chins, cheeks, and a lot more. It helps you to enlarge or reduce the size of your eyes and reduce double chin. You may also add frames and stickers of your wish to make the picture more coherent. Lastly, My Work helps you to view and share your edited results on your social media accounts.

The wrap-up

Photo editing apps to make you look skinny are a fantastic source of fun and help you to discover your hidden body. But, being over-dependent on these apps can create false images and can get you in trouble.

Try out the listed cool apps to make you look slimmer and if you have tried any other good apps, let us know through the comments.

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