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Android Fastboot Reset Tool is a very powerful software to bypass or unlock FRP on Android devices, Remove Mi account and many more advanced features. Have you forgotten your Android phone pattern? No problem. You can now reset it using Android Fastboot Reset Tool. Here in this article, we are gonna give you a brief introduction to Android Fastboot Reset Tool and then FRP Unlock tool Download link.

frp unlock tool download

What is FRP in Android?

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is a inbuilt feature developed by Google for Android versions Lollipop or higher. You can check Which Android version you are using. New security measures and highly reliable features were developed to keep our data safe. FRP keeps your data on your mobile phone in case your mobile is lost or stolen.

You can prevent others from using your data if factory reset option being used without your permission. Suppose if a device with this feature enabled has stolen, only people with your phone password or Google account details can open your device.

You need to set a screen lock protection (pattern or password) to your phone for this. Here is how you can Set screen lock for Android device. Also you need to add your Google account to your phone.

What FRP Unlock Tool or Android Fastboot Reset Tool does?

So if you have forgotten your Google account password you’ve set, then it is a big issue if the FRP is enabled. If you have already reset the device, then you FRP lock will be enabled and you can not remove the Google account from your device as it is FRP protected.

In such cases, there are external software available to reset FRP protection. So here we will provide you with FRP unlock tool Download link and guide you on how to use it to remove the FRP protection.

We are going to use Android Fastboot Reset Tool to unlock FRP protection set on your device –

Android Fastboot Reset Tool Download –

Title Android Fastboot Reset Tool
Category FRP Unlock Tool
File size 600 KB
Requirements Laptop, USB Cable
Author Mohit KKC

Fastboot FRP Reset Tool

There are many more other things you can achieve with Android Fastboot Reset Tool. Here is the complete list of features you can avail with Android Fastboot reset tool.

android fastboot reset tool

  • FRP Unlock through Fastboot mode
  • Remove Pattern or Password
  • Check Devices
  • Enter Emergency Download Mode (EDL Mode)
  • Remove Mi account
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Unlock YUREKA BL
  • Remove Lenovo FRP
  • Remove HTP FRP
  • Remove FRP for Micromax devices
  • Remove Xiomi FRP
  • Remove Qualcomm FRP
  • Samsung FRP unlock tool
  • Mototola FRP unlock tool

So this FRP lock removal software helps you in your hard times if you have forgotten your Google account details. Now let’s see how you can unlock FRP using Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

How to Unlock FRP using Android Fastboot Reset Tool:

Now we have a clear idea on what is FRP and how it helps. Let’s see how we can remove FRP lock using Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

  • Download Android Fastboot Reset Tool using above Download link. It will take few seconds to Download the zip file on to your laptop.
  • Open you Mobile phone and connect it to your laptop via USB cable.
  • Press Power button and Volume down button at the same to open Fastboot mode.
  • Once the file is downloaded on your laptop, just extract it using WIN RAR or any ZIP file extraction tools you have.
  • Open the extracted folder now. You will find Android Fastboot Reset Tool V1.2 file with exe extension. Just double click on the file to open it.
  • You will find bunch of options with numbers or alphabets. Now choose the number which is relevant to your phone brand. (Suppose if I wanted to unlock FRP for my Motoroal phone, choose b¬†option)
  • As soon as you hit the enter on the command prompt, unlocking process will start and upon completion, you just need to remove the USB table and switch on your mobile phone.

Voila! You have FRP unlock tool download and bypass the FRP lock successfully. Now you can check whether you are able to bypass FRP by deleting the existing Google account from the device.

How to Bypass or Unlock FRP protection manually?

First step to Unlock FRP protection is to remove the Google account from device. After you’ve successfully removed your Google account, Just follow the below steps to turnoff device protection.

Make sure you have developer options turned on before proceeding with these steps to remove the FRP protection

  • Go to Settings on your Android mobile
  • Now just scroll down a bit to find System settings. Just tap on that option.
  • Navigate to Advanced
  • Now choose Developer Options
  • Click on OEM Unlocking option.

So if you want to reset the mobile phone, you can proceed with Google account removal and turn off FRP protection. Otherwise you can’t remove your old Google account details in future (Anyway you can bypass it with¬†Android Fastboot Reset Tool).

Disclaimer: This guide is only for educational purposes. We are not responsible for any damage to your device. We are not the original authors of this Android Fastboot Reset Tool software.

So this is the precise guide on FRP Unlock Tool Download or Android Fastboot Reset Tool Download. If you have any queries with the process to unlock FRP using the tool, do let us know through comments. We will be glad to help you. Cheers!

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